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Before going for Liver Transplant, a Liver Disease Patient, MUST READ the following frequently Asked Questions. To get answers of all these questions just dial 0304-1115551 or visit our center

1. What is Liver Transplant?

2. Who needs a Liver Transplant?

3. Is Liver Transplant the only option left for you?

4. What is the long term success rate of Liver Transplantation?

5. What is Life expectancy after a successful Liver Transplant?

6. What are types of Liver Transplants?

7. What is Living Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT)?

8. When you should get Liver Transplant done?

9. How long will the procedure take?

10. Who are the Best Liver Transplant Surgeons?

11. What is the Cost of Liver Transplant?

12. What is the total Expense of Liver Transplant?

13. How to arrange the expenses involved in Liver Transplant?

14. How to arrange blood for Liver Transplant Surgery?

15. Hepatitis-B and Extra Expense involved?

16. How many days patient have to stay in Hospital?

1. What is the quality of Life after liver transplant?

2. How to prepare yourself for post-transplant life?

3. What are the precautions to be taken after liver transplant?

4. When the liver transplant patient can start work after liver transplant?

5. What to avoid after liver transplant?

6. For how much time does the Liver Transplant patient need to take medicines after liver transplant?

7. How much is needed to spend on Medicines, Investigations, and Consultations etc. after liver transplant and how to minimize this expense?

8. Where to get best follow-up treatment?

9. Which Immunosuppressant are used to protect the transplanted liver?

10. Where to Get Post Transplant Medicines in Pakistan?

11. What is the cost of medicines used after liver transplant?

1. Who can be a Liver Donor?

2. What happens with a Liver Donor?

3. Are there any risks involved?

4. When the Donor can start work after liver transplant?

5. What are the precautions to be taken after liver transplant?

1. How many persons of my family can go with me?

2. Accommodation procedures? 3. Dietary requirements?